Hurricane July 4th? ‘Arthur’ Threatens To Ruin July 4th For East Coast

Will a hurricane disrupt July 4th celebrations along the East Coast? According to, Tropical Storm Arthur has formed off eastern Florida and could make its way up the eastern seaboard this week. On Tuesday, the center of the storm was located 95 miles southeast of Cape Canaveral, Fla. As of now, the storm’s projected path has it hitting the Carolina’s by Thursday night.

“The storm could put a damper on holiday activities from the Carolinas to the Northeast, forecasters said. After possible landfall, the system is forecast to make a turn toward the northeast, bringing showers to New York City and Boston.”

A hurricane on July 4th would mean that fireworks would need to be postponed. Also, festivities such as outdoor performances, would also need to be rescheduled. For some, the weather on Saturday looks much better, so it’s possible that events of this nature will be moved to July 5th.

According to CNN, the storm could reach hurricane strength by the time it gets to the Outer Banks. The timeline for this storm is pretty straight forward. Heavy rain is expected in Florida on Tuesday and Wednesday. The storm will work its way Northeast, giving the Georgia coast a good soaking before arriving in the Carolinas on Thursday night.

The fast-moving storm will pull out on Friday, continuing its trek north. On July 4th, the rain will be seen from North Carolina to Boston, and the showers could be heavy at times. Many in the Northeast are predicting clear skies just in time for the nighttime spectacular — but that could easily change with one change in the storm’s track.

A 4th of July hurricane would ruin plenty of plans that people have for the upcoming long weekend. However, many are thankful that this storm won’t linger. It sounds like it is going to move right along, dropping rain in its path, but quickly moving out of each state that it hits. By Saturday, most states on the East Coast will be seeing clear, sunny skies.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hurricane Amanda was threatening the Pacific Coast, but the storm has died down considerably. She is expected to be downgraded to a tropical storm by Thursday. Fourth of July celebrations on the West Coast will not be threatened by severe stormy weather.

Are you in an area that will feel the effects of tropical storm Arthur? Are you worried that 4th of July festivities in your area will be canceled due to the weather?

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