A Small Town in South Dakota Can Be Your For Just 400K, But You Have To Act Fast

An entire South Dakota town called Swett has been put up for sale. The asking price is merely $400K.

The sole owner of Swett, a 6.16 acre town located about two hours south east of Rapid City, has put up the quaint hamlet for sale. The listing for the town reads, “A beautiful prairie town comes complete with a bar, a large 40×80 garage that has been used as a tire shop, house, and 3 trailer houses.”

The sale is being handled by real estate agent Stacie Montgomery, who says her client is interested in selling the town as he needs to focus on his business. Mr. Benson, who is the single owner of the entire town, runs a traveling concession business and is actually quite keen on keeping the town for himself, but the indulgence can’t be afforded. Speaking about the intended sale, Benson said, “Like I say, I hate to get rid of it. If I don’t sell it this first year, I would probably keep it,” reported Sky News.

What will the deal include? The $400K should be well spent since the deal includes a bar right on Highway 18, a workshop, three trailers, a house, and 6.16 acres of prairie real estate. The real estate agent has confirmed that people have been quite interested in the town for multiple reasons, reported LA Times.

Some potential buyers have been lured by the scenic vista; others are drawn by the appeal of owning a ghost town. One potential buyer wants to film a reality TV show there, said Stacie. The town currently has a resident population of just two, Mr. Benson and his wife, along with their dog. However, during the 1940s, Swett had about 40 residents.

The town was named after a local farmer who owned a grocery store that briefly housed a post office. But the government decided the rural town was too small to have its own post office, and it was closed in 1945.

Swett Tavern Is The Only Watering Hole For A 10 Mile Radius

Interestingly, though the town is deserted, save for the Bensons, Swett Tavern is the only watering hole in a 10-mile (16-km) radius and enjoys regular patrons. Benson bought the town in 1998 for an undisclosed amount, and is now willing to let go for $ 400,000. There are no other contesting owners and looking at the response, the real estate agency might employ a slightly different technique like an auction to sell the town.

[Image Credit | Sky News, Zillow]