Robin Thicke Twitter Q&A Stymied By Hilarious #AskThicke Hijacking

Celebrities on Twitter tend to be more randomly accessible than they were before social media — and when VH1 asked viewers to send Robin Thicke questions under the #AskThicke hashtag, it soon became clear why this may sometimes be unpleasant for famous people.

Even before the #AskThicke fiasco, Robin Thicke was pretty far down the road of irritating people with casual misogyny and unpleasantly objectifying behavior.

Recently, Thicke has come under fire for releasing an album inspired by his estranged wife, Paula Patton, as many fans and non-fans alike see the behavior as coercive and alarming.

BuzzFeed culled some of the best critical tweets under the #AskThicke hashtag for reader schadenfreude purposes, and a great many are burn-inducing.

VH1 kicked off the clusterfracas thusly:

And… start!

There were callouts:

Somewhat tongue-in-cheek questions:

And some good ones:

… slash statements:

I… I don’t actually think this counts as a question, sir:

Or this:

And the one we all want answered:

Have you tweeted a question to Robin Thicke under the #AskThicke hashtag?

[Image: Robin Thicke, Blurred Lines]