‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Does ‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Have A Drinking Problem?

Bachelorette spoilers are in, so if you don’t know who wins by now, you should stop reading. Andi Dorfman will give Josh Murray the final rose, and according to Reality Steve, the two are still engaged. The guy that goes home next week is rumored to be the new Bachelor 2015 — but there is some dirt out on him now that could ruin his reputation.

Chris Soules a.k.a Chris the farmer is supposedly the next Bachelor, but according to Radar Online, he might have a drinking problem. That’s right, ladies. Mr. Dimples from Iowa? Has been arrested for DUI. Beyond that, Soules has been in trouble with the law thirteen additional times. Yikes.

Bachelorette spoilers show that Chris Soules will be sent home by Andi Dorfman before the overnight dates. There hasn’t been any mention, however, of Andi finding out about Chris’ bumpy past. While most of his troubles stem from car-related incidents (read speeding tickets), he has been to jail, paid fines, and been on probation in the past. Sure, most of the serious things happened over eight years ago, but he found himself in trouble with the law from 1998 through 2010.

His “busiest” year was 2001. According to Radar Online:

“In February, he was found guilty of possession of alcohol under age, stemming from an incident on New Year’s Day. He was let off with a fine. The next month, records show he was found guilty of failure to maintain control of his vehicle, and fined. On May 2, he was found guilty of possession of alcohol under age and fined yet again. And in August, he was found guilty of the same charge, with added charges of driving with an open container of alcohol, running a stop sign, and speeding. He was found guilty f all charges and fined, court records state.”

Bachelorette spoilers have been questioned a bit this season, with some people challenging the rumor that Josh Murray will win Andi Dorfman’s heart. However, it seems obvious that Chris Soules will not be “the one.” As previously reported by The Inquisitr, auditions have already started and production has reportedly told eligible women that Chris is, indeed, The Bachelor 2015.

Some women might be immediately turned off by a guy who has had a problem with drinking, but it sounds like Chris was getting into trouble when he was much younger. Now, he’s 31-years-old, and it sounds like he has a much better handle on himself — and on life in general.

Does this news about Bachelor Chris Soules change your opinion of him?

[Photo courtesy of Rick Rowell / ABC]