AJ Lee Returns To WWE At Monday Night Raw, Wins Divas Title

Forget all those rumors about how newlywed and former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee was pregnant and was contemplating retiring from wrestling, much like her new husband, CM Punk, did back in February. On This week’s Monday Night Raw, Lee made her triumphant return to the ring and challenged current WWE Divas Champion, Paige, to a title match.

Paige had just come to the ring to talk about her successful title defense at this past weekend’s Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View, and she began to talk about how people thought she didn’t deserve the title when AJ’s iconic music hit and the superstar skipped down to the ring.

AJ got on the mic and talked about how her title reign–the longest Divas reign in WWE history–had got to her head and that Paige had really shown her what that meant when she took the title on the post-Wrestlemania 30 Raw. AJ thanked Paige for the “slap in the face” and congratulated her on her success.

Paige didn’t buy it and said that the crowd didn’t want to see her defend her title, but the crowd apparently did and AJ said they should let the crowd decide. Paige reluctantly agreed after a large pop and the match was on.

AJ Lee made short work of the Divas Champion, attacking her ferociously. Paige mounted a short offensive, but AJ gave the Champ a knee to the face rolled her up for a quick win and the title. The bout was very similar to how AJ Lee lost the belt in the first Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania 30.

Lee’s return capped a night that saw two other long time fan favorites return to TV. The Miz, who left to go make a movie, and Chris Jericho both returned, and Jericho was introduced to the Wyatts, who proceeded to beat him down. But nothing was as big, or as much of a surprise, as AJ Lee’s return. The crowd was fiercely into it, and they loudly chanted “CM Punk” hoping that Mr. AJ Lee would soon follow his wife back to the ring. For now, that seems to only be a dream, but in the world of professional wrestling, anything can happen.

Regardless, two very big takeaways here is that AJ Lee is back in the WWE as Divas Champion, and Paige may have a heel turn in her future as she struggles to get her title back.

Suddenly, with AJ Lee holding the belt, the Divas division just got a whole lot more interesting.

[Image Courtesy of Fansides]