Dog Coughs Up Wedding Ring Owner Lost 6 Years Ago, Wait Until You Learn What Dislodged It

A family dog coughed up a wedding ring that his owner lost six years ago, and it looks exactly the same as it did the day it disappeared. Tucker is a Rottweiler mix that’s affectionately known as the “food burglar.” Just last week the ring that Lois Matykowski lost so long ago appeared after Tucker threw up.

ABC News reports on this bizarre incident in which a family dog vomited a diamond wedding ring that his owner lost a long time ago.

Matykowski tells ABC News:

“My husband and I had been married for 20 years at that time. We had just upgraded the ring, and it wasn’t insured. And it wasn’t just the value, but also the emotional ties. How do you replace that?”

Lois says their dog is 10-years-old, but acts more like he’s two. Matykowski tells WAOW 9:

“You wouldn’t think he’s ten years old by the way he acts.”

He was adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society. She said after the ring went missing six years ago, they spent several weeks looking everywhere you can imagine. Even the dog’s poop was examined thoroughly many times.

So, how did the wedding ring suddenly show up? It started when Matykowski and her two granddaughters were eating popsicles out in the yard. Tucker was panting and Matykowski went to get him some water. When she came back he had eaten the popsicle she put down. That’s right… the “food burglar” ate it… including the popsicle stick. Worried he was going to get sick, Matykowski called the veterinarian, who told her to put Vaseline between two slices of bread so the stick would get out of Tucker’s stomach.

Not long after Tucker consumed the bread with Vaseline, he coughed up the stick. Two days later he was sick again. Lois Matykowski says:

“He was making goofy noises, and was acting like he was going to throw up.”

Tucker then vomited on the carpet. When Matykowski went to clean up Tucker’s mess, she noticed a sparkly ring in the middle of it. It was her wedding ring that had disappeared six years ago! She was ecstatic and shares:

“I screamed. I kid you not.”

Matykowski brushed the ring with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Nothing about it had changed after being inside a dog’s body for six years! Tucker’s owner says he loves anything that smells good. The family tries keeping him on dog treats, but the 55-pound dog is good at snatching food easily.

The vet told Matykowski that the popsicle stick might have dislodged the ring from Tucker’s system. Just to be safe, the vet took a full X-ray of him to make sure nothing else of value was in his stomach. Lois Matykowski shared that her friends tell her they wish they had a dog that “throws up diamonds.” She adds this about her beloved dog that coughed up the wedding ring:

“Tucker is a big dog on campus now. He is my hero.”

[Photo Credit: WAOW, ABC News via Daily Mail]