SCOTUSBlog Confused For SCOTUS By Angry Tweeters

The Supreme Court’s decision Monday (June 30) freeing the Hobby Lobby crafts store from having to comply with an Obamacare mandate requiring that it make certain types of birth control available as part of its healthcare plan is drawing a lot of praise from the right and scorn from the the left.

Perhaps one of the most entertaining consequences of the ruling is the sideshow that has been the Twitter feed of one of the media’s most trusted Supreme Court observers, SCOTUSBlog (Supreme Court of the United States Blog).

While we’re sure much of the left understands that there is a difference between SCOTUSBlog and SCOTUS, the people who do not understand the difference were quite comical today as they scolded the news organization for something it did not have anything part in.

Perhaps the most entertaining was SCOTUSBlog’s response to all of the angry tweets directed its way by people who mistakingly thought Associate Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg (age 81), Antonin Scalia (age 78), Anthony Kennedy (age 77), and Stephen Breyer (age 75) were blogging.

The following are a sampling of the tweets and responses from the esteemed SCOTUSBlog to the moronic masses:

As BuzzFeed said, “Way to make the best of a bad situation, @SCOTUSblog!”

[Image via Flickr Creative Commons]