Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez: Her Pals Don’t Want Him At Her Birthday Party

Justin Bieber is expected to attend on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez’s upcoming 22nd birthday bash, but after dramas in their recent reunion the former Disney starlet’s girlfriends don’t want the heartthrob to show.

It’s doesn’t take a genius to know Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are probably having a few intense discussions right now – that’s if they’re talking, after photos and video of him acting cozily with other girls surfaced this weekend.

Now, as Selena’s 22nd birthday approaches, E! News is reporting the prospect of Bieber’s expected show at the bash horrifies her friends, but Gomez is said to want her beau there.

The context is Bieber and Gomez rekindled their on-again, off-again, four-year romance over the past month and have been seen on a string of dates in the last two weeks. Among others, one insider recently told PEOPLE magazine, the Canadian was “doting” on Gomez and the reunited couple were “inseparable.”

But on Saturday night, Justin was photographed openly making eyes at model Kayla Phillips at singer Chris Brown’s 1st Annual Skate Jam Party in Glendale, California, for his charity. A video that emerged appeared to show the “Baby” superstar kissing Philips on her forehead and possibly getting her telephone number.

In addition, Mail Online recently ran photos of Bieber’s former squeeze, Chantel Jeffries, and her female pal leaving his new Beverly Hills condo Thursday morning. Jeffries, a 21-year-old glamour model, was a passenger in Justin’s Lamborghini shortly before he was arrested on suspicion of DUI in January.

On Monday, Chantel and her friend, Catherine Paiz, shared photos of themselves cozying up with Bieber.

Justin shared one of those pictures via his Shots account, captioning it: “Studio with these fools (sic).” He followed that with a nearly nude (or totally) nude selfie, writing: “Night.”

The girls also partied with Bieber Monday night at a party at his condo which the cops were called out to twice over noise complaints.

Justin Bieber With Chantel Jeffries And Friend

(Photo: via Shots Justin Bieber, Chantel Jeffries and Catherine Paiz.)

Not surprisingly, Selena is said to be unhappy over the Kayla and Chantel pictures, although E! News reports a source said Jeffries and Bieber are “just friends.”

One gossip report claimed Bieber and Gomez fought over his association with these women and are now “not talking.” This has apparently left the actress-singer “hysterical.”

The purported source continued, “Seeing Justin with other girls is horrible for her, it’s driving her crazy. She doesn’t understand why he does this to her and she doesn’t know what to do. He’s got her questioning everything.”

It’s all a far cry from June 24, when it was speculated — incorrectly, as it turned out — that Bieber’s visit to a jewelry store in Los Angeles was to buy Gomez an engagement ring.

Of Selena’s upcoming 22nd birthday bash, which will reportedly be held at a private estate in California around the big day on July 22, an insider told E!:

“No one wants [Justin] to go. All her friends want him out of the picture and just want her to have a relaxing birthday with no trouble and they think he’s going to dominate her attention.”

However, it’s said Selena “doesn’t seem to care that he spends time with other women and isn’t always honest with her. She’s hypnotized.”

The source added: “Her friends just want her to enjoy herself for her birthday, but if Justin attends it might complicate matters.”

Selena Gomez

(Photo: via Instagram.)

On Monday, Selena offered her own take on the speculation in an Instagram post that read:

“Class never runs scared.”

“It is sure-footed and confident, and it can handle whatever comes along. Class has a sense of humor. It knows that a good laugh is the best lubricant for oiling the machinery of human relations.”

It’s easy to judge from the outside. But the heart wants what it wants and Jelena’s ballad has long been both a sweet and stormy tune.

“You just can’t drop those feelings,” another source previously said of Selena’s conflict over Justin to E!.“There is too much there.”

Whether Bieber shows up at Gomez’s on-the-way birthday party red rose in hand as he did last year, remains to be seen.

Justin Bieber Nude Selfie Causes Drama In Selena Gomez Relationship

[Image via Daily Mirror.]