Battlefield 3 will have “10 times” the amount of unlocks in Bad Company 2

Are you the sort of gamer who loves unlocking new things in your games, be it new gadgets to play with or awards and medals to show off your skill and dedication to the world? If so, Battlefield 3 is going to put you to some serious work.

In the fifth edition of the Battleblog, DICE detailed Battlefield 3‘s mammoth amount of rewards players will be able to unlock as they invest hours upon hours into multiplayer.

Like Battlefield: Bad Company 2, you’ll be able to receive awards and medals for your actions out on the field in addition to vehicle upgrades, new weapon unlocks, weapon accessories and an assortment of gadgets.

DICE isn’t just throwing in the same amount of unlocks as players saw in Bad Company 2, though; DICE is boasting ten times the amount of unlocks found in Bad Company 2 – amounting to what DICE refers to as “years worth of unlocks and rewards”.

If all of that sounds swell to you, you can find out even more on Battlefield 3‘s rewards over on the Battlefield Blog.