Kendall Jenner ‘Love’s’ Fashion: All the Details on the Hot New Photo Spread

Kendall Jenner isn’t technically a Kardashian, but she sure does know how to market herself like one.

That’s because Kendall has been focusing less on starring in the popular reality TV show that made her famous, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and more on her burgeoning new fashion modeling career.

The lanky 18-year-old with perfect skin and amazing bone structure has that “it” factor. Kendall’s mom Kris Jenner would agree with that assessment. Kris was a guest on HuffPost Live in early June and had this to say about her daughter.

“She has like, the perfect body, especially one that wants to be in the modeling business,” Jenner said. “I don’t know, I got a lot of curves and I couldn’t pull that off. But she always looks remarkable.”

Modeling isn’t a gimmick for Kendall. She’s aiming to make this her full-time career. Plus, the young woman can really walk the catwalk with authority. Kendall’s quickly developing a following among industry heavy-hitters and has already appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris, alongside two other up-and-coming models.

Now Kendall’s landed her next big break, the cover of LOVE magazine. You may not have heard of LOVE because it’s a UK based publication, but Miley Cyrus did appear on the cover once before. Nonetheless, Kendall Jenner is topless on the cover, but you only see a head-to-shoulder view. Kendall is sporting a fun hat with what looks to be doggy ears, and a fierce, eyes wide open look. Her hair is also wet and it crisscrosses her well-lit face with authority.

And this isn’t just any old issue of LOVE, rather it’s a special Independence Day issue. The lettering has an appropriate patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme and Jenner’s called the “American Girl.” Unsurprisingly, the issue also comes out just in time for the Fourth of July holiday.

LOVE magazine’s head honcho, editor-in-chief Katie Grand, has been singing Kendall’s praises. Citing her strong work ethic Grand went on to say that “[Kendall] is unique in wanting to turn her back on her celebrity when it comes to modeling.”

The Daily Mail also reports that Grand said, “It would have been easy for Kendall to go with a bigger agency and gone down a celebrity route but she wants to be taken seriously as a model just like the rest of them.”

Apparently Kris’ managerial ways — she’s called the momager after all — rubbed off on the enterprising, young Kendall Jenner.

Kendall’s all business when it comes to modeling. That’s especially important as she continues to develop her own brand. Could Kendall one day go on to rival her half-sister Kim Kardashian in popularity and earning power?

Maybe. A recent story on Perez Hilton even debated whether or not Kendall or Kim was the most fashionable.

It does look like Kendall may’ve won the battle of the bodies though. She’s seriously smoking hot and Kim is getting, well, older.

[Photo courtesy of Zap2It]