Zayn Malik’s Fiance Posts New Topless Pic Of Him [Photo]

Zayn Malik is making the internet swoon once again with a new shirtless picture circulating the social media sites. But this time, it wasn’t Zayn himself who posted the picture. It was Perrie Edwards, Malik’s fiance.

According to The Hot Hits, Perrie posted a topless photo of Zayn to Instagram a day ago. Apparently, Perrie isn’t above boasting, because she seems to be quite proud of her stunning One Direction heartthrob. You can see the full sized photo below, featuring a totally topless Zayn Malik bearing his bright green eyes and a chest full of tattoos.

Zayn Malik shirtless.

Like Zayn’s previous shirtless selfie, the picture isn’t quite as revealing as some fans might want it to be. But there’s still plenty skin to see. And Malik’s face is what people really fall in love with, right?

Some have noticed that 21-year-old Zayn’s eyelashes are a little too full, leaving fans wondering if he might have tried on some mascara. Or maybe Zayn just has naturally dark, thick lashes. It’s hard to tell with the low resolution.

Perrie Edwards Posts Zayn Malik Shirtless Selfie Pic: Is Zayn Wearing Mascara? via @cambio

— Ellie’s My Anchor⚓ (@Chess_Official) June 30, 2014

It seems Malik’s relationship is thriving better than ever these days, which may break the hearts of many One Direction fans who prefer Zayn over Harry Styles (and the others).

The Inquisitr recently reported on Zayn Malik’s ideal date with his significant other, Perrie Edwards. You might be surprised to learn that Zayn’s perfect night with Perrie is pretty mundane. But Zayn’s desire to just stay inside and chat with his bride-to-be is just one of many signs that the couple is happy. As EN Stars reported, the two are quite comfortable with each other. And it seems Perrie is equally comfortable sharing the physique of Zayn with people all over the internet.

While Malik and Edwards are definitely engaged, no wedding date has been set yet. According to US Weekly, Perrie hasn’t decided yet when she wants to tie the knot with Zayn.

“Everything is so busy. Hopefully we will one day be able to sit down together and start making plans,” Perrie said. “No date at all in mind yet.”

If you want more shirtless Zayn Malik to sink your teeth into, check out the photo below (with a side order of Harry Styles!):