Waffle House: Belgian Waffles Boycotted Before World Cup Match?

Waffle House wants Belgian waffles to be boycotted in preparation for the World Cup match. Team USA is playing Team Belgium on Tuesday, and Waffle House has decided to no longer support “Belgian” waffles as a sort of “joke” ahead of the soccer game. According to Bleacher Report, the Belgian waffle is actually something that was created in America. You see, the Belgian waffle doesn’t even exist in Belgium, so boycotting it makes little sense.

According to TMZ, a rep for Waffle House said:

“We support a boycott on Belgian Waffles. We support America. We don’t support Belgian Waffles.”

Waffle House doesn’t serve Belgian waffles, but it is not because of a boycott — it is just a coincidence. The popular fast food breakfast joint serves “American style” waffles — so it is like they have always been “Team USA” without even actually trying. If you want to order a Belgian waffle (those are the very large, fluffy waffles that are often served with fruit and whipped cream) at a different establishment, you should probably wait until after tomorrow’s soccer match… You know, since this is now a superstitious thing.

Waffle House can boycott the Belgian waffle all they want, but if you really want to “hurt” Belgium… you might want to skip out on the French fries. According to Bleacher Report:

“If you’re looking to take your patriotism into the realm of cuisine, you may want to start by avoiding all forms of fried potato. It turns out that Belgium may have invented the French fry.”

Of course, boycotting things from another country during the World Cup is all in good fun, right? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Belgian is actually favored to win tomorrow’s game. Even still, anything can happen — and many Americans will be glued to their televisions at 4 pm EST tomorrow. Most won’t be eating french fries or Belgian waffles… just to be safe.

Some people are really into the World Cup — and that’s great. There is something about cheering for your country versus cheering for your city that is pretty cool. Also, people tend to root for countries that their families are from. Plenty of Americans have been cheering for other countries in the World Cup also — Team Greece, Team Italy — and that is also part of the fun.

For those who don’t care about soccer at all, you have a couple of more weeks to hear about it.

[Photo courtesy of Sun Times]