Miracle Kittens Survive Trip Inside Car Engine Bays, Continents Apart

Looks like we have an overload of miracle kittens on Earth these days. Just days after The Inquisitr reported about Mercy, the kitten who survived being run over, we now have two another lucky kitten tales to talk about. The weird part? Both of these stories are eerily similar, but have occurred in two countries, separated by the Atlantic Ocean — the U.S. and the United Kingdom. The first one story comes from the U.S.

According to Yahoo News, a tiny kitten had managed to sneak in to the engine bay of the car of California resident Jim Michelotti. The car is a 1993 Mitsubishi Diamante and its owner had absolutely no clue there was a living thing inside the engine bay while he drove almost 30 miles with the kitten inside it. Jim was on his way to his parent’s house.

On the way, he decided to pull over at a gas station. It was at that moment that he heard a soft meow from the neighborhood. A woman standing nearby pointed out the fact the meowing was in fact coming from Jim’s own car. He decided to investigate. He opened up the hood and looked for the source of the noise using a flashlight. After a few minutes of probing, Jim finally found the cute ball of fur sitting deep inside the engine bay — between the engine and the firewall. It was a miracle that the kitten had survived the overheated environment of the engine bay for over 30 miles. Jim has still no idea how the kitten got there in the first place.

As expected, the kitten was scared and greased up — but wasn’t injured. According to Jim, the kitten was probably abandoned by its owner and had hopped on to the engine bay from underneath the car.

Anyway, the lucky kitten has just found a new home with Jim Michelotti deciding to adopt it.

The second story, eerily similar, comes from the UK. According to The South Wales Evening Post, a kitten named Bella was found inside the engine bay of a car after the owner drove the car for a couple of miles with the kitten inside it. The incident happened in Fforestfach where Bella’s owner Nicola Evans works. According to the Evans, the kitten could have crept inside the engine bay for a quick nap.

Bella, cat saved from inside engine bay

Like with the case of Jim Michelotti, Evans too heard a faint meow coming from inside the bonnet. Like the other kitten, Bella too was lucky to have survived the high temperatures inside the engine bays!

Aren’t these two kitten survival stories that occurred in two different continents eerily similar?

[Images via South Wales Evening Post]