Ronda Rousey Tells UFC: 'If There's An Emergency, I'll Step Up On 24 Hours Notice'

Ronda Rousey has done wonders for the UFC, and gets a lot of love and attention from UFC president Dana White.

White knows that Rousey is great for the sport, mainly due to the constant media attention she receives, as well as the sensational headlines she makes. Having starred in mainstream pop culture films like The Expendables 3 and the upcoming Entourage, Rousey gets the sport out to the masses, regularly.

There's no question that Ronda Rousey is a motivated and hungry fighter who is always up for a challenge. Take for example her willingness to fight Sara McMann, even though she confirmed she was taking a break from the UFC for a while.

As The Inquisitr reported on June 26:

Rousey recently revealed her vacation plans to the Great MMA Debate Podcast:

"I keep talking about how I'm going to take a break. I really do say every time I'm in camp, 'oh man, I can't wait to take a vacation,' and I really need it this time. I think I'm really going to do it this time. I think I'm going to take a vacation in August, probably like the end of August or beginning of September."

But during a UFC 175 conference call on Monday, Ronda Rousey, when she was asked if she will in fact be taking a break as she previously said she would, she replied:

"I'd like to fight again on New Year's, take a little break in between then, but the UFC knows if there's an emergency, or if they need me, I'll step up on 24 hours' notice."
Who knows? It might happen, even though the UFC usually books champions a few months in advance for the sake of good marketing practices.

Ronda Rousey's title fight against Alexis Davis on July 5 will be her third in under seven months, so one could think she really could have used a break, both to regain her strength and come back even stronger.

Rouset said she learned a lesson after returning to fight, following a 10-month break:

"I definitely don't like resting too much. That high after a win is what I enjoy the most, not sitting around and resting. I can really only enjoy the rest while that high still lingers, so there's only so long I can enjoy sitting on the couch and eating as much pie as I want and then going to the gym and pressing repeat. I really need that big goal and obstacle to be excited about what I'm doing."