Brett Favre denies rumors, doesn’t have “any interest” in playing for Miami Dolphins

Rumors have been circling about football circles lately that Brett Favre could be looking to make another comeback, possibly with the Miami Dolphins as their quarterback.

Considering how many times Favre has “retired” before, the rumors didn’t seem all that far-fetched but Favre shot down any hopes of that rumor coming true when he told a reporter from The Miami Herald that he didn’t “have any interest” in breaking out of retirement, nor had he heard anything of the rumors of his potential spot on the Miami Dolphins.

His word may not mean much to those who haven’t forgotten his previous attempts to retire, but Miami Herald went on to report that Favre seemed noticeably out of “NFL shape”, suggesting that he just might be telling the truth this time.

More than that, Favre has also been noticeably absent from his usual training spot near Oak Grove High School, the same spot where he would spend the summer getting into the shape for the next season. Instead, Miami Herald’s sources suggest that Favre has been spending that time vacationing in Wyoming.

Considering that the NFL season is just a little over a month away and Favre doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to get into any kind of shape to play, it looks like Brett Favre has finally decided to make good on his retirement plans.

For now, at least.

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