'Grand Theft Auto: Madrid' Trailer Remakes 'GTA 5' With Real Life Footage [Video]

A new YouTube video titled "Grand Theft Auto: Madrid – Teaser Parody" takes a trailer from GTA 5 and remakes it shot for shot with real life footage. It must have required some painstaking effort to pull off, because it had to be done with perfect timing. The original Grand Theft Auto V trailer was even included in a box on the bottom left for reference.

The trailer wasn't exactly the same, but it certainly matched every shot as closely as it could. It even includes a similar voice-over:

"Why did I move to Madrid? I guess it was the weather."
The shots begin with a picture of the city at sunrise, though it replaces a beach house with the cityscape as the sun comes out from behind the clouds. The second shot is about the same, but the third features a pair of buildings built at an angle to replace a cityscape with trees in the foreground.

The voice-over for "Grand Theft Auto: Madrid" continues in the same vein as the one from GTA 5, telling the story of a man who just wanted to retire and hang out with his kids, but ends up getting sucked back into a life of crime.

Most of the background is slightly changed as the trailer rolls on, but it was obviously filmed somewhere else with a similar climate. Los Santos was based on Los Angeles as you well know, but the trip to the right locale and the chances of catching the right weather for each shot would have been next to impossible without a good budget for CG effects. That doesn't even include hotels and the rest.

The actors in the trailer are rather good, with all of them matching their video game counterparts almost exactly. This speaks volumes of the animation from the game trailer itself as well, being able to imitate real life situations that realistically.

What do you think of the real life version of the GTA 5 trailer called "Grand Theft Auto: Madrid"?

[image via YouTube]