Tiny Shark Bites Snorkeler In The Shorts And Won't Release, Ordeal Described As 'Cute'?

A tiny shark bites a man in the shorts and refuses to release. Huffington Post first reported on the tiny shark that tried viciously attacking Carlos, the man snorkeling in the video. A friend was recording the incident. Lots of laughter can be heard as the camera gets a good glimpse of how determined the small shark is to act bigger than he really is.

While a tiny shark doesn't seem as though it could do much damage, they shouldn't be underestimated. The shark in this video doesn't look to be over 2-feet in length, but it clearly had a tight grip on the snorkeler. His jaws were clenched on the leg of Carlos' shorts. While the shark's bite didn't come into contact with his skin, he might have suffered a serious injury had it done so.

The snorkelers swam back to their boat with the camera still running. Carlos was showing off the small shark once he climbed into the boat and it let go of his shorts. As he raised it the air, the shark was determined to try biting him again as he kept bending as far as he could to reach Carlos again. He might have felt a bit provoked since the other snorkelers in the water were yelling at him to put the shark back in the water. After he said, "Awwwww, how cute!," he flung the shark back into the water. The woman capturing everything on video was still in the water. She filmed the tiny shark swimming off, uninterested in going back.

Digital Journal reports that the footage took place two months ago when Carlos and his friends were snorkeling.

Shark attacks are rare in spite of how often they seem to be in the news. The ones you hear about are one among many thousands of people who enter the water everyday on popular beaches around the world. Humans aren't typically what sharks are hunting for when it comes to prey.

The shark population has exploded in recent years and this year there's even more due in large part to conservation efforts. The Inquisitr wrote an article about scientists tracking sharks and how people can avoid shark attacks.

The snorkeler in this story is fortunate the tiny shark that bit him was so little -- and that it didn't actually bite into his leg! As the woman says in the video after the ordeal, he was very "lucky" that it wasn't a far bigger shark.

[Image via Digital Journal]