Justin Bieber Rescues Boxer Floyd Mayweather’s Kids After LA Car Crash

Justin Bieber rescues champion boxer Floyd Mayweather’s kids after a bad car crash involving multiple car over the weekend.

Justin Bieber is a real-life “Superman” as far as champion boxer Floyd Mayweather’s kids are concerned.

On Sunday, the 20-year-old singer raced to pick up three of the fighter’s children, who were caught up in a bad car crash in Los Angeles when their father was unable to rescue them himself.

According to TMZ, the accident involved multiple vehicles and a motorcycle. The three kids included Floyd’s 14-year-old daughter Iyanna, who later tweeted that same day that she “got a really bad busted lip from the accident.”

The gossip website added that none of the kids were seriously injured in the crash, but other messages tweeted by Iyanna indicate she and no doubt the youngsters were left shaken by the car accident.

“john [Shahidi, co-founder of a social app Bieber invested in] & justin picked me up from the scene of the incident, and boy OH boy.. did justin turn my day around,” Iyanna tweeted on Sunday, adding:

“justin was so nice to me, he cuddled me, told me ‘everything is going to be ok,’ and got me safe & sound back to my parents! @justinbieber,” later adding, “thank you john & superman, lol!!! #insider @justinbieber @john.”

The site reports Floyd was attending the BET awards at Los Angeles’ Staples Center and was actually on the red carpet when he learned his children were in the car crash.

At the time, the boxer was on the phone with Justin who offered to collect the children after Floyd shared his anxiety concern that he couldn’t get to his children.

Bieber and Mayweather have been friends for three years, and Iyanna in particular is a fan of the singer. In past years and this, Justin has walked Floyd out to victory in the boxing ring at his highly lucrative fights in Las Vegas.

The pair also invested in the selfie app Shots of Me together with Shahidi, with both attending the BET Experience Sprite Celebrity Basketball game in L.A. on Saturday.

Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather At BET Game

(Photo: Bieber and Mayweather at BET and Sprite’s celebrity playoff.)

TMZ reports that Bieber and his crew were motoring around L.A. in his SUV and were not far from the crash when Floyd told him what happened.

Accordingly, the Canadian raced to the scene. After telling the attending police he was a friend of the family, the star was allowed to take the childen to Mayweather Jr. in his SUV.

The site adds Bieber then returned to the accident scene to tell the police the children were with Floyd, also playing some of his new music to the kids to calm them down.

The last time Bieber and the word accident were mentioned in the same sentence was after his minor car crash in Beverly Hills last Tuesday when a BMW slammed into the Escalade he was travelling in as a passenger, after a paparazzo chase.

Today’s feel good Bieber news story certainly makes a change from the usual grind, and to to Mayweather’s children — especially Iyanna — Justin turned a very bad day around.

Justin Bieber and Iyanna Mayweather

(Photo: Instagram.)

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