Obama Divorce Rumors: Barack And Michelle Obama's 'Twisted' Marriage Outed In New Tell-All

Will Barack Obama get a divorce from his wife, Michelle? According to Edward Klein's new tell-all book, the Obama's marriage isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Radar Online reports that Barack and Michelle have a "twisted" marriage that has only been strained by Barack's two terms in office. Klein discusses what is really going on behind closed doors, and the information (though not necessarily new) might surprise you. Klein's book, entitled Blood Feud, was released on June 23.

Klein writes:

"Although there was no question that Barack Obama loved his wife, their relationship was fraught with tension. To begin with, Michelle never let him forget that it was she, not he, who had made all the sacrifices in the marriage. And that she'd had to accommodate to a life that was not what she had envisioned for herself."
An Obama divorce would not be at all surprising -- if you believe the things that Klein writes about Barack and Michelle. For instance, a source tells Klein that the couple don't share a bed and haven't for quite some time. Also, the two were both under so much stress and anxiety, a counselor allegedly suggested that they both take anti-depressants to help them deal. Apparently, both of them refused to take medication.

This certainly isn't the first time that divorce rumors have surrounding the President and the First Lady. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, many believe that a divorce will come some time after Barack's presidency is over -- perhaps in 2016. Sources say that Barack and Michelle are holding on for the sake of it, just while Barack is still in office. After that, who knows what is going to happen?

An Obama divorce could stem from Michelle's supposed jealousy issues. Apparently she doesn't trust her husband -- and she thinks women fawn over her man way too much.

"Michelle is obsessed with jealousy over Barack. She thinks he would like to be a ladies' man like JFK, and she knows movie stars throw themselves at him whenever they get a chance. Michelle pulls tricks like bursting in on meetings with women to see if she can catch Barack in a compromising position."

If Michelle is jealous when other women look at her husband, that's not too abnormal -- it's what she does with those jealous feelings that makes a difference. If she can't handle her husband being a good looking man with power -- and the fact that some women find that extremely attractive -- perhaps she will be able to better handle things when Barack is no longer Prez. However, it sounds like their problems (made up or not) surpass a simple "jealous" phase.

What do you think? Will Barack and Michelle Obama end up getting a divorce?

[Photo courtesy of Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images via About.com]