Sarah Palin Calls Out Nancy Pelosi For Border Visit

Sarah Palin is at it again, and this time House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is the target of her criticism. After learning that Pelosi made a trip down to the border, and called the border crisis a “humanitarian opportunity” for the United States, Palin said that Pelosi cares more about illegal immigrant children than the children that have yet to be born here in the states.

Pelosi, 74, made a trip down to the border on last Saturday where illegal immigrant children were being held at the Border Patrol facility in Brownsville, Texas. Palin has been a longtime critic of the Obama administration’s approach to border control.

While there, according to Newsmax, she said that this was an issue where both sides should put politics aside and concentrate on what President Barack Obama was calling an “urgent humanitarian opportunity.” She also said that every child and person has a “spark of divinity in them” and is worthy of due to the fact that “we are all God’s children.”

Pelosi also talked about the current immigration reform battle, according to Newsmax, and her hopefulness for the near future:

“A few days ago I would have been more optimistic about comprehensive immigration reform. I thought that we had been finding a way because we have been very patient and respectful of [House Speaker John Boehner] trying to do it one way or another. I don’t think he gives us much reason to be hopeful now, but we never give up. There’s still the month of July.”

Breitbart News reports that Palin said that Pelosi was either “speaking such gibberish, considering her track record, or confessing one heck of a great conversion.”

Palin, 50, wrote about hearing the news of Pelosi’s visit in a Facebook post. Palin said that Pelosi spoke “highly” of the illegal immigrants “storming our U.S. border,” and how the situation shouldn’t be viewed as a crisis.

Palin then went on to wonder about sincere Pelosi’s comments were:

“Never seen as a pro-child/pro-life advocate with respect for that sacred ‘spark of divinity’ in every innocent human life in the womb, Ms. Pelosi often touts her Catholic faith but overlooks this doctrine her Church has preached for 2000 years. Hopefully she’s changed her tune on the issue of life – in which case, I’m sure she’ll invite those who understand the impact a culture of life can have on America to use her new, refreshing advocacy statement.”

Newsmax reported that Sarah Palin said Pelosi’s statement was a very pro-life stance that could educate those in Pelosi’s party “who constantly claim to be ‘for the children’ in one breath, but in their next breath advocate snuffing out the life of innocent children soon-to-be-born.”

Breitbart News reports that Palin finished her post by calling Pelosi’s comments liberal hypocrisy, but also hoped that it might be Pelosi turning over a new leaf:

“Cynics (or those of us living in reality) recognize typical liberal hypocrisy here, but then again we can hope this is revelation of a profound Pelosi political conversion! Though I won’t hold my breath.”

In recent weeks Sarah Palin has also criticized Hillary Clinton’s just-released book, Hard Choices, and bashed Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader who lost to a tea party opponent in the recent congressional primaries.

[Image via sskennel]