Justin Bieber In Likely Nude Selfie, Gets Selena Gomez’s ‘Class’ Reply To His Deleted Photo

Selena Gomez’s boyfriend, Justin Bieber was spotted out with Kayla Phillips, a pretty brunette at Chris Brown’s First Annual Skate Jam in Los Angeles over the weekend, after what seemed to be a full-on hearts and flowers reunion with Gomez just a few weeks ago.

And it seems Kayla isn’t the only PYT on Bieber’s radar. Old gal pal, model Chantel Jeffries has been hanging out with the “Baby” superstar.

Justin Bieber is reportedly still together with on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez.

He and Gomez have been on a string of dates over the past two weeks, after Bieber posted an emotive Instagram of the pair declaring their love was “unconditional” on June 11.

But the heartthrob also appears to be operating as a young, single man, according to recent photos taken over the weekend.

The 20-year-old was spotted with his arm around pretty brunette Kayla Phillips, at pal Chris Brown’s charity fundraiser on Saturday night.

The event was the First Annual Skate Jam Party and it was held at the Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, Los Angeles.

Justin has also been spending time with old gal pal Chantel Jeffries since last week.

Justin Bieber Has Been Spending Time With Kayla Phillips

(Photo: Kayla Phillips via Instagram and Twitter.)

Bieber was candidly filmed hanging out at the rollerskating rink with Kayla Phillips.

Phillips is described by Capelli Amore – an ethnic hair extension company – as their brand ambassador.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Bieber followed Kayla on Instagram on Friday but they have since unfollowed each other.

In the video, Kayla stood close next to Justin as they balanced on roller skates.

Justin looked extremely engaged with his companion and kept his arm around Kayla, leaning in closely to speak every now and then.

At one point in the clip, the “Baby” singer appears to either take Kayla’s number or show her something on his phone screen.

Justin Bieber

(Photo: Bieber and Phillips at Chris Brown’s 1st Annual charity skating Jam in Glendale.)

If the video and photos don’t give Gomez any cause for concern — Jeffries’ might, although E News! is reporting a source says Chantel and Bieber are “just friends” and Jelena is still a go.

MailOnline reports Jeffries was seen leaving Bieber’s new Beverly Hills condo on Thursday morning with her pal, Catherine Paiz.

Jeffries rode shotgun in the Lamborghini Bieber drove before he was arrested on suspicion of DUI back in January. She has been seen with the performer after that incident.

Chantel and Catherine later posted social media posts of themselves with Justin and his pals early Monday and continue to.

In one picture Justin posted to Shots late Sunday, he is sandwiched between Catherine and Chantal. Both girls are seen in coquettish poses and resting their heads on their host.

Justin’s caption reads: “Studio with these fools @Chantel @Catherine.”

A Justin Bieber Sandwich

(Photo: via Shots of Me.)

The pop prince encored with a shirtless, possibly naked shot of himself, captioned: “Night.”

Jeffries also posted a picture of herself, Bieber and Paiz, writing:

“My Canadian babies trying to take a shots.”

But it could all be perfectly innocent.

Justin Bieber Nearly Nude

(Photo: Bieber, possibly if not probably naked.)

Meanwhile, although the honeymoon period of Justin and Selena’s reunion appears to have cooled, it’s probably unwise to count Jelena out just yet.

E! News previously cited a source saying Selena is taking it slow with Justin and is not able to just “drop those feelings. There is too much there.”

Over the last few days, the pair appeared to send each other — and the world — a message on Instagram, although Justin later deleted his.

On Saturday, Bieber posted a photo of Selena wearing the same outfit she wore before their Beverly hills dinner, movie – and later – studio date on June 20.

He captioned it: “#Class.”

Selena Gomez In Deleted Instagram Posted By Bieber

(Photo: Deleted Instagram.)

For her part, Selena posted an Instagram photo with a lengthy caption on that very subject on Monday, writing:

“Class never runs scared. It is sure-footed and confident, and it can handle whatever comes along.”

Gomez added: “Class has a sense of humor. It knows that a good laugh is the best lubricant for oiling the machinery of human relations.”

Jelena. The saga continues.

Selena Gomez

[Images via Sharky/Splash News/Mail Online/Instagram/Twitter/ShotsofMe.)