Woman Had Sex With 10,000 Men In 15 Years: Do The Math [Watch]

Gwyneth Montenegro is a former hooker escort who claims to have had sex with over 10,000 men during the 15 years of her professional career.

At least this is the attention-grabbing title of her new book, “10,000 men and counting.” In fact, she has an EXACT number – 10,091 – and says her “escort fee” was between $500 to $1000 an hour. The fact that she managed to keep such an accurate record speaks volumes for her dedication to the job.

The mathematics of her career are interesting. There are 5475 days in 15 years – ignoring the extra leap-year day every four years, when she might have rested. Allowing for some “downtime” for a day or two each month, that’s an average of around two men per day. She does not indicate whether each client was only permitted one orgasm, or whether there was an additional charge for more than one. In any case, her fees over the 15 years would have amounted to around $7.5 million – or $500,000 a year after tax (?)

Gwyneth at 36 years of age and living in Melboune, Australia, is no longer in the escort business. The Daily Mail reports that she now describes herself as a “business entrepreneur.”

Her current business venture is promoting her new book, which contains vivid details about her life as an escort girl. She describes that, after being gang-raped at 18, she started dancing on table tops at 19, and became a “high-end” escort by 21. Then, she says her life turned into a whirlwind of drug- and alcohol-induced sexual encounters and orgies.

gwyneth Montegro

Surprisingly, Gwyneth says her family had deep Christian values, and she wanted to wait for the right man to come along. But, after the rape, she started off table top dancing before graduating into sex work. She explained:

“I saw an ad for table top dancing back when I was about 19. I was very naïve – it’s like I fell off the bus. I got pretty drunk and I made $1000 cash on the first night. I thought that was amazing and I thought ‘I must be quite decent at it'”

Gwyneth Montenegro is not her real name, but a pseudonym she created for the book. She used many names while she worked in the industry, but the face on her book is her real face. Her main message is, in a nutshell, don’t do what I did!

Indeed, ” Gwyneth” did change her life, even obtaining her commercial pilot’s licence when she was 29 years old. Unfortunately, her new life as a charter pilot, and doing scenic tours, was cut short when she was diagnosed with kidney failure She could no longer get medical approval to keep her licence.

So, with a partner, who she will only name as “Roger,” she started a business in the general field of life coaching. Presumably, Gwyneth Montenegro will be able to bring a new dimension to what she will advise her clients, drawing on her unique life experiences.

Tony Robbins could have serious competition.