Rihanna's Vita Coco Tropical Fruit Ads! [Pic]

Jay-Z's protege is the new face of the trendy beverage Vita Coco Tropical Fruit. Vita Coco Tropical Fruit is the seventh flavor in the Vita Coco line. Coconut water is popular in the tropics, but the drink has also recently been embraced by celebrities like Rihanna and Madonna for its health and diet benefits.

In a press release for Vita Coco Tropical Fruit, Rihanna glowingly talks up the product with anecdotes from her island upbringing:

I grew up in Barbados - so when Vita Coco approached me to help develop a new flavor, I thought we should combine the natural coconut water with fresh tropical fruits - two of my favorite things... It tastes so delicious and reminds me of home!"

National advertising for the product also evokes the tropics, with Rihanna perched on a rainbow hammock, sporting waist length, Cherry Kool-Aid colored locks and brandishing a Tetra-Pak of Vita Coco Tropical Fruit. The product, which costs about $2.79 per unit, is emblazoned with the R&B singer's signature and can be purchased through outlets like Amazon.

The gig follows Rihanna's recent appearance in the fall ad campaign of designer Giorgio Armani. Earlier this year, Rihanna made headlines when her video for the track "Man Down" was pegged as violent and targeted for censorship by parents groups. However, BET refused to back down and pull the song from its lineup- and the controversy sparked fellow star Gabrielle Union's admission that she'd tried to shoot her rapist.