Honda Recall Affects Over 2 Million Vehicles in USA and China

Honda Motor Co. is set to recall over 2 million vehicles throughout the US and China beginning August 31st. The recall has been issued to a fix an automatic transmission software issue in many of Honda’s most popular models.

Out of the 2 million recalled, 1.5 million are strictly from the United States.

The vehicles listed below are the models affected by the Honda recall.

  • 2005-2010 Honda Accord (4 cylinder models)
  • 2007-2010 Honda CR-V
  • 2005-2008 Honda Element

The problem described by Honda officials pertains to common vehicle maneuvers that can damage a bearing in the automatic transmission. These maneuvers include anything that requires shifting from Reverse, Neutral, and Drive in a repetitive manner. This could include something as simple as a 3-point turn, or even the back and forth shifting it takes to remove a vehicle that has been stuck in the mud or snow.

With this damaged bearing, the engine could stall or the vehicle could fail to shift properly into park.

As mentioned above, Honda will begin notifying owners of the recall starting on August 31st, which may prove to be quite the inconvenience to the 1.5 million Honda drivers scattered throughout the United States.

Those affected in China – including owners of Accords, Odysseys, and Spiriors – are instructed to consult the Honda website for further information.

Via LA Times