Erykah Badu Crashes Live News Broadcast, Tries To Kiss On-Air Reporter

Erykah Badu channeled her inner child this week, crashing a live television news broadcast and trying to kiss the un-amused reporter.

Badu was somehow on the scene when New York’s PIX 11 was reporting on the arrest of Shia LaBeouf. Reporter Mario Diaz was giving his report live on the air when suddenly Badu appeared in the background, making lewd hand gestures and wearing a giant hat that would make even Pharrell proud.

She then danced her way into the frame, trying a couple of times to lay a kiss on the reporter. Diaz didn’t seem too happy with the singer’s antics, and gave Erykah Badu a stiff-arm to keep her out of his live shot.

Some sharp-eyed viewers noticed that the prankster looked just like the soul singer, though Erykah initially denied it was her. But she later owned up to it, and even offered an apology to Mario Diaz.

All was apparently well with PIX 11, however, as the station later promoted Erykah Badu’s videobomb on their website, and Diaz himself responded with a quote from Prince.

Diaz also apologized as well, saying he won’t do the “NYC push back” the next time Erykah tries to crash his broadcast.

It’s actually something Mario Diaz is quite used to, PIX 11 pointed out. He was famously interrupted in 1993 during a bout between Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe when a paraglider crashed just a few feet away from his broadcast position. He was later videobombed by Tiger Woods after the golfer’s first ever professional victory.

Erykah Badu was busy after the videobomb. She headed off to Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing block party, where she performed.