Miami Heat Rumors: LeBron James Could Form A New Big Three If Chris Bosh Leaves

Miami Heat rumors concerning LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh were kicked into overdrive heading towards the opening day of NBA free agency on Tuesday. All three players have decided to opt out of their contracts with the Miami Heat, leaving the Heat with approximately $55 million on the table to make a splash this summer. Many Miami Heat rumors have suggested that the big three are opting out to stay together. It is entirely possible that they are heading in a new direction.

With Norris Cole being the only sure thing in Miami these days, the Heat find themselves in a rare situation where they can absolutely blow everything up. LeBron James rumors suggest he wants to continue to build with the Miami Heat, but he is also expected to ask for a max deal. According to USA Today, a LeBron James max deal would eat up about $26 million of the projected $62 million salary cap. That leaves only $36 million on the table.

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are walking away from their almost $20 million contracts and many believe they will both re-sign with the Miami Heat. Rumors are swirling that Chris Bosh is looking to sign a long term five year deal at about $15 million per season.

Dwyane Wade is expected to take a significant pay cut this summer to stay with the Miami Heat. The NBA finals revealed that the Miami Heat guard’s body is breaking down and his career could be winding down. In order for the Miami Heat to continue to compete in the next few seasons, Dwyane Wade would probably need to take a serious pay cut. So what will the Miami Heat do?

The reality is, if they want to compete, they may need to start looking for a new big three. LeBron James has said that the Heat need to improve at every position. They can only do that if they let one of the current big three walk and bring in a big name this summer. Miami Heat rumors have been swirling about the team being interested in Kyle Lowry, so much so that a sign and trade was prematurely reported by Ric Bucher and the Bleacher Report.

But like every other team this offseason, the Miami Heat have their sights squarely set on Carmelo Anthony. There have been reports about LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony teaming up wherever they go. The only way it happens is if the Miami Heat let Chris Bosh walk. And they should. By signing Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade taking a pay cut, there would still be enough money on the table to sign some veteran help in the front court. With Shabazz Napier and Norris Cole playing the point guard, the Miami Heat could structure the rest of their roster around Anthony and James.

Of course, until free agency officially opens on Tuesday, there could be a number of new Miami Heat rumors about LeBron James and the big three.

[Image via Palm Beach Post]