WWE News: Updates On When Kevin Steen And Prince Devitt Will Be At WWE NXT

It seems the WWE has gone from being completely against Indy wrestlers to thinking they are the best available people in the world to bring in. This is why WWE has started to go after big Indy names, and while they will repackage them when they arrive, they still have a talent that is undeniably good. Take Sami Zayn for instance, one of the best young stars in NXT. On the Indy circuit, this Canadian highflyer played a man by the name of El Generico. When WWE decided to remove his mask and repackage him, most didn’t know what would happen.

WWE feels they can bring in an Indy star and make them into something even bigger, and so far, they have done just that with people such as Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and others. It should come as no surprise that WWE wanted to bring in guys like Kevin Steen and Prince Devitt who have been killing it on the Indy scene for years now. Both are supposed to be with NXT very soon. Devitt doesn’t have anymore bookings after July 31, which means he will be with WWE at some point in August. Steen’s final ROH commitment is July 19. So he may be with WWE by the end of the month or August as well.

Both are not Americans, so they might have to take care of Visa issues. So it could take longer, depending on the circumstances.

WWE is also expected to announce the signing of Indy great KENTA on their tour of Japan. KENTA is actually the guy that CM Punk took the GTS and Anaconda Vice submission from. He is a Japanese star that has been known to have matches that wow everyone each and every time. He would come in with more folklore than most. He would come in similar to Daniel Bryan, where he would probably bypass NXT mostly and be on the main roster soon. He is older than most guys WWE brings in, but he is one of the best wrestlers in the world, so there is no reason to not bring him in.

Steen, KENTA, and Devitt would only increase a strong new wrestler base WWE has started in the past two years.

What most expect WWE to do is continue to bring in talented Indy workers, at least for a time. It would allow WWE to see what they have with them. Before, WWE didn’t care for “the minor leagues,” but due to the success they have had with them over the years, it seems Triple H wants to bring more in to boost WWE’s future. I would not expect the surge of great Indy stars to stop with these three whatsoever.

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