Ted Bundy's DNA to Be Added to FBI Database, Used For Cold Cases

One of America's most prolific and horrifying serial killers may be pegged for more violent murders, two decades after his execution in Florida.

The true toll of Bundy's killing sprees is likely never to be known precisely- Bundy, known for his charisma, charm and a handsome face, often fluctuated the count of victims to further manipulate law enforcement, victims' families and judicial processes. His suspected number of victims has ranged from 30 to 40, but many details about the murders were never discovered, and there had been little hope of ever definitively linking Bundy to the crimes.

Today, a recently discovered vial of blood taken from Bundy offers new hope in solving the cold cases. Authorities in the Sunshine State plan to upload a newly acquired DNA profile for Bundy into a national database in an attempt to close the book on many of the unsolved murders in which Bundy is suspected.

In an attempt to stave off execution for the murder of 12-year-old Kimberley Leach, Bundy himself promised to give information to authorities, but his death via the electric chair went through as planned in 1989. David Coffman, chief of forensic services for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, says the state has "routinely" gotten queries from cold case detectives after Bundy's DNA to solve their cases.

The vials of blood that is enabling the database check was found earlier this year in a clerk's office, and with it, a full DNA profile on Bundy was obtained. Coffman said that working up the profile from the blood- drawn from Bundy more than 30 years ago during the investigation into Leach's murder- was surprising:

"We were very surprised that we were able to get a beautiful, full profile from a sample that was that old,... We should be able to find cases, if they're out there, that could possibly match him as a perpetrator."
Police say that they plan to first use the profile to try to determine Bundy's guilt in the death of 8-year-old Ann Marie Burr- a childhood neighbor believed to be the killer's first victim, and a cold case that has never been officially solved.