December 4, 2017
FX Is Replacing The Advertising For 'The Strain' Because Of Complaints

We Americans truly love to be scared out of our wits. It may be a sudden jump in a slasher film or the edge-of-your-seat sensation in a thriller, but we just like to be frightened. Maybe its the sudden rush of Adrenalin that makes us high off of our fear, but generally, we like to be scared.

Even our writers like to get in on the fear. Just look at some of the articles here on The Inquisitr. We reported on how people could watch the first episode of Penny Dreadful for free and tidbits on American Horror Story: Freak Show.

However, we also like to be reserved in our fears, right? We might want to scream our lungs out in the darkness of a theater, but will make sure not to traumatize children in the process. Unfortunately, FX didn't seem to bother with that courtesy as they hung a billboard of the following picture above a crowded Los Angeles street.


Of course, the poster was cropped and redone for the billboard, but seeing this above a busy intersection congested with automobiles carrying children may be a big no-no. If you are a parent, would you want your young son or daughter seeing this outside the car window?

According to Buzzfeed, the poster is actually very good. It really hits the points of what kind of series The Strain will be. The staff here at The Inquisitr think it is quite brilliantly designed. It surely grabs my attention and makes me want to watch the show too.

Even the writer for the Buzzfeed article loved the show, but said that she lives in fear of her 4-year-old child noticing (and literally crying) if he saw the poster, ergo the reporter/parent has taken to driving out of the way to avoid places where the billboard is located. Along with the writer, many people have taken to social media, especially Twitter, to complain.

In a follow-up article by IGN, a representative for FX has stated the network is in the process of replacing the key art for The Strain on outdoor media in several locations. The fact that several locations doesn't mean all of them might mean there are places that don't mind the billboard posters of a worm going in (or coming out) of an eyeball. That, however, is just taking the statement literally and may mean nothing at all.

Creator Del Toro and a friend.

The Strain debuts on Sunday, July 13, 2014 on FX at 10 p.m. EST/PST.

[Image via The Strain promotions]