Ted Talk: Julian Treasure Tells Us How To Talk So That Everyone Will Listen

Have you ever wanted to figure out why people do not like talking to you? Maybe you think you’re boring or not as exciting as you could be. It may not be that, when we talk, we all make mistakes in how we represent ourselves. Julian Treasure tells us in his Ted Talk how to properly talk to people, and he makes some very interesting points.

Julian told us in his talk that, in essence, we make some mistakes by being negative, full of ourselves, gossiping, and more. He said that we talk in a way to people that, when we are overly negative, gossipy, etc., people tune out or simply do not wish to talk at all. When you come off as someone people do not care for, would you want to talk to yourself?

He gave a few helpful skills to make sure we know how to make ourselves better in a talk. The first is to talk from our chest, not our nose or head. He claimed that we elect politicians because of the deepness of their voice, because we associate deep voices with authority or power.

He claimed we can talk using the word HAIL, meaning greet or acclaim enthusiastically. They of course stand for something.

H-onesty, being clear or straight

A-uthenticity, being yourself

I-ntegrity, be your word

L-ove, wish them well

What we say and how we say it affects the way people listen to us of course.

People prefer voices that are rich and warm, but if that is not you, it’s okay. He claimed voice coaches are helpful, but you of course do not need this unless you are in a public speaking position for example.

Voices that are monotone, where someone stays on one note can be very boring. Thus people will not listen because interest is lost. People who also talk in questions are also annoying. You wonder whether or not there is something going on, and if they talk as if something is being asked, how does one know if a question occurs?

Julian also goes through some voice exercises in the video, which he recommends we all do before we go into a big meeting or before we talk to someone of importance. The voice will be ready to go in and be it’s best with these exercises, which will only help us within the meeting or simple talk of importance.

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