Watch BYU-Idaho’s Epic Anti-Masturbation Video

BYU-Idaho has just produced the most epic anti-masturbation video you’ve ever seen. Tackling the question, “Is masturbation a sin?” the production team behind this thing compares “self-pleasure” to fighting an actual war, complete with Saving Private Ryan production values.

(In fact, the video’s actual title is “Wounded On The Battlefield.”)

As many of you know, Brigham Young University (BYU) is a Mormon-led institution of higher learning out of Salt Lake City, Utah. And to be fair, the video is intended as a warning against the dangers of pornography, which is actually a legitimate concern.

In fact, Naomi Wolf, activist and author of the book Vagina, calls porn addiction “desensitizing” adding that, “What it does to men over time — and I’m not making a moral judgment — is that it makes them less attracted to their partner…. They’re literally neuro-biologically bonding with the porn rather than their partner.”

Wolf also warned of a “kink spiral” in which “What turned you on a month ago isn’t arousing anymore so you need more and more extreme images…. An ordinary woman in your bed can’t duplicate that novelty effect of clicking through multiple images.”

So that’s what the video appears to be getting at; however, the images and words lend more credence to the fact that it’s an anti-masturbation video through and through.

You have a young man hunkering down in front of his computer. You have his roommates showing concern for him. Then, things go black, and the young man wakes up on a battlefield.

It gets unintentionally funny from there. But here, have a look for yourself, and keep in mind that this is bumpered by a YouTube personality who is pretty NSFW (and anti-religion). Here goes:

Probably the funniest and most awkward part of that whole thing was the party at the end, where the kid is talking to a couple of girls and his buddy, who’s just helped him through a masturbation crisis, casts a knowing glance across the room and they share that nod of recognition.

Judging from the overall vibe of the anti-masturbation video, we think it’s pretty clear the folks associated had nothing to do with May’s International Masturbation Month.

What do you think, readers, are they missing out, or do they have a legitimate point in the video above? And religious people, do you think masturbation is a sin? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

[Image via ShutterStock]