‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Inspires Series Walkthrough On YouTube

Batman: Arkham Knight is set to be released in 2015, and Rocksteady’s series finale is getting a lot of people excited to see not only how the series ends, but who is actually behind the titular villain’s mask.

Some rumors about who the Arkham Knight really is include Thomas Elliot, or Hush, who mysteriously vanished after Batman let him go in Arkham City. Others yet could be a recurrence of the mysterious “ghost” of Amadeus Arkham, whose identity was revealed for observant gamers by the end of Arkham Asylum.

The Arkham series has been a huge success, having even been called the best superhero game series of all time, beating out contenders like Crackdown and Prototype. Rocksteady created not only a masterpiece, but also a standard by which other developers try to measure up, including EA Games with their upcoming Star Wars titles.

Hosted by Dewey and Ray of YouTube’s Media Cows, the “Road to Batman Arkham Knight” is one of their most ambitious projects yet. As the world awaits the release of Rocksteady’s PS4, Xbox One, and Windows exclusive finale, this channel aims to play through every moment starting with Batman: Arkham Asylum, and following the timeline of releases instead of the storyline. Even though Origins is supposed to be the beginning of the mythos for the Arkham games, it will be the last game featured before the very likely Arkham Knight walkthrough.

What sets the Arkham series apart from the crowd is its faithful use of the established DC Comics characters while it sets up a completely new storyline not based on anything seen before. Batman uses his cape to glide, and a built-in addition to the cowl which gives him “Detective Vision,” a way to see the environment aiding in finding bad guys, clues, and other important items. Throughout every chapter, the Riddler plagues you with finding a collection of “trophies” he’s left scattered around the area, and riddles which require you to snap photos of various references found everywhere.

Batman: Arkham Knight promises to take everything to another level, giving you enhanced abilities all around as well as the use of the Batmobile in a much more populated Gotham City than ever seen before.

Arkham Asylum leads the walkthrough series, giving us the rise of the Joker as he takes over the facility and dabbles in the experimental Titan chemical. Arkham City brings back the Joker and gives you a much more open environment to explore as you take on Hugo Strange and Ra’s Al Ghul. Arkham Origins goes back in time to when Batman was still learning to control his impulses, and introduced what was believed to be Black Mask.

The Batman: Arkham Knight release date is set for an unspecified time slot in 2015. For now you can still relive the series with The Media Cows‘ “Road to Batman Arkham Knight.”

[image via hdwallpapers]