Win A Trip To Swim With The Great White Sharks!

Relativity Media has announced their Swim With The Sharks Sweepstakes to get the word out about their brand new “sharks from hell eats bikini babes” thriller, Shark Night 3D. You now have the unique opportunity to win a swim with the sharks vacation for two. When will you ever get another opportunity to win a chance to swim with enormous, fierce, ferocious, terrifying man eating monsters of the deep? The “prize” includes airfare to San Francisco , two nights in a “standard” hotel in San Francisco and a swim with the Great Whites (really big sharks) of the Farallon Islands. All kidding aside, this scares me.

For those of you who are not afraid, if you have an adventurous spirit and are drawn to things on the edge, maybe even a bit on the wild side, if indeed, swimming with sharks is really your idea of a wet dream go here. The deal is you post their sweepstakes promo to face book or twitter and you are in the running for the swimming (with the sharks).

I would like to say Shark Night 3D makes Jaws look like The Little Mermaid. I would like to say it makes that other really scare fish movie look like Finding Nemo. I will say there are some foxy girls in the movie (spoiler) and they get eaten by sharks. I admit that after watching the trailer I have moved my fish tank into the garage and I won’t take a bath without my spear gun loaded and ready.

Reminds me of the old joke…. Why sharks scare the shit out of people before they eat them, is only to enhance the flavor.