Xbox One Vs PS4: ‘Sniper Elite 3’ Visuals An Xbone Fail?

As the Xbox One vs. PS4 console war rages on, Sony continues to win nearly every time in spite of what Microsoft does to try to catch up. While it’s true that Titanfall gave the Xbone a boost for a month or two, it wasn’t enough to give the Xbox One the edge it needed to outsell the PlayStation 4.

The Sniper Elite 3 release date has already hit outside North America, and graphics comparisons are surfacing for the new gore-fest shooter. It doesn’t look good for the ‘Box that Microsoft built.

Before the consoles were released, the tech specs had already pointed to an advantage for the PlayStation 4. Sony’s previous console had outperformed the Xbox 360 in processing power as well as the use of the Blu Ray format which gave their exclusives an advantage. A last minute technical upgrade for the PS4 gave it that edge that would lead to the Xbox One always visually lagging a little bit behind, mirroring the last generation.

Early reports that the PlayStation 4 1080p 60fps performance was a lie haven’t stopped developers from trying anyway. With the Xbox One vs. PS4 graphics comparisons, Sony’s machine wins nearly every time, and Sniper Elite 3 seems to be another Sony win. While the PlayStation 4 has a smoother visual when the action starts, the Xbox One seems to suffer from a negative effect called screen tearing.

[Sniper Elite 3 on PS4]

[Sniper Elite 3 on Xbox One]

Screen tearing is what happens when the visuals can’t catch up with what’s happening, and it creates a jarring effect as though the display is shaking.

For the PS4, however, though the contrast is higher, the colors are a little sharper on the Xbone.

Both versions of Sniper Elite 3 could have visual tweaks by the time the game’s release date of July 1 hits, but so far, it’s the screen tearing effect that appears to be giving way to another Xbox One fail. Nobody likes it when the visuals lag as soon as the action gets going.

Even though the Sniper Elite 3 1080p 60fps benchmark is lacking once again on both sides, the PlayStation 4 seems to have the advantage.

Perhaps the lower price tag will help the Xbox One catch up and give Microsoft a chance to escape being outsold by the Nintendo Wii U? A lot has changed over the month of June for Microsoft’s latest console, but the winner of the Xbox One vs. PS4 console war still looks like Sony.

[image via gameinformer]