Nicki Minaj Hates Rihanna? Rapper Angry At Singer For Breaking Drake’s Heart

Does Nicki Minaj hate Rihanna? Is the rapper so furious with the singer for breaking poor Drake’s heart that she literally can’t see straight? Apparently this is what the internet wants everyone to believe at the moment.

Newsflash: Rihanna and Drake are no longer a couple. Depending on who you choose to believe these days, this makes Nicki Minaj very angry. And you won’t like Minaj when she’s angry. The girl looks like she could effortlessly thrash her adversaries in a dark alley before stuffing them inside a suitcase and tossing them into the nearest river. This writer definitely wouldn’t want to mess with Nicki.

According to the Deccan Chronicle, Nicki Minaj is a little upset with the “Diamonds” singer at the moment. Since Drake is home nursing a broken heart, Nicki reportedly sees red whenever someone mentions his ex-girlfriend’s name. It’s worth noting that all this information comes from anonymous sources, which are almost never reliable.

An insider recently dished:

“Drake has been pretty down since Rihanna dumped him. She really broke his heart. Nicki wants to call Rihanna out on it. She’s very protective of Drake. Nicki thinks Rihanna needs to step down from her pedestal. [He] is convinced that Rihanna has self-esteem issues and is pushing him away because she doesn’t believe in or trust true love, which isn’t surprising after the crazy stuff that happened with her and Chris.”

The Christian Post reports that Nicki Minaj has spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out what kind of woman her pal really needs. Instead of getting cozy with an R&B singer with a penchant for risque social media posts, Minaj firmly believes her friend needs someone who isn’t afraid to jiggle her IQ.

Minaj explained:

“I think what works with Drake is if you act like you don’t like him. Be horrible to him and then you’ll get [his attention]. I think he likes intellectual women actually. I think he likes a girl who can hold a conversation.”

Do you think Nicki Minaj hates Rihanna for breaking Drake’s heart? Is there any truth to the animosity taking place behind the scenes?

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