Warren Jeffs Convicted Of Child Sex Abuse After Barely Any Jury Deliberation

Polygamist Jeff Warren was convicted by a Texas jury on Thursday after they found in less than four hours of deliberation that he did in fact sexually assault two underage girls who belonged to his polygamist sect.

Jeffs still faces sentencing which could put the cult leader behind bars for life.

The Jeffs trial has not been your standard lawsuit after he fired his lawyer several weeks ago and began acting as his own council while threatening to strike down the judge and juror with an act of god (he claims to be god). During his closing argument Jeffs stared at each juror and mumbled “I am at peace.”

As part of their evidence jurors listened to a panting Jeffs to determine that he had sex with his young “spiritual wives” while DNA evidence of a 15-year-old girls baby showed that Jeffs is in fact the father.

During the sentencing phase the prosecution has promised more “repulsive” evidence of acts performed with underage children.

According to the states attorney in charge of the case:

“I think it [extra evidence] will confirm in (jurors’) minds why they convicted the man and why they want to put him behind bars for a long time.”