Braylon Edwards signs with the San Francisco 49ers

Lately is has felt like we have become the Braylon Edwards news outlet, but hey there are worse ways to make a living. After getting into some trouble, getting cut by the New York Jets, and getting involved in a bar fight, which his people are denying (of course he did hire a PR firm to help work on his image and that tells us a lot about this guy), he has signed with the San Francisco 49ers for a one year 3.5 million dollar contract. At first glance this move doesn’t make a heck of a lot of sense, but in the end it actually kind of does.

The Niners have Michael Crabtree, Ted Ginn, Josh Morgan, and Kyle Williams as their starting four receivers. None of them have exactly set the world on fire, but they are ok pieces to have. Edwards adds another dimension to this team and he can help stretch the field. We have to remember that the Niners have Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick as their QB’s and surrounding younger players with loads of talent is a strategy I really am in favor for. However, Edwards needs to cool down his act before I would trust him with my young QB’s.

If he can cool down his off the field issues, he will instantly become the Niners number one receiver, and maybe that will allow him to have a year like he did in 2001 where he caught 53 passes for 904 yards. Let us also not forget that they allowed Center David Baas to sign with the New York Giants, so the O line may still need some work to allow these young QB’s to get Braylon the ball deep.