Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato Band Rumors May Be Over-Hyped, Exaggerated

Fans of Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas may be exploding with excitement at rumors of the two forming a band together, but Lovato’s actual words about teaming up have us reeling the anticipation back in, for now. The hints she’s dropped might be enticing, but it’s notable that Jonas hasn’t (yet) said anything about the idea publicly.

Lovato spoke with MTV last week, and while she did mention that forming a band together is something she and Nick Jonas have discussed, and says she enjoyed working with Nick on her Neon Lights tour, she was also very open about how busy both are, and made it clear that with Jonas’ current projects and her own, it might not be anytime soon.

While Demi did say she and Nick have written a song together (the two likely had a good bit of time together while he acted as Creative Director on the Neon Lights tour), she also said that it might have to be a mere ‘side project,’ and her hints of a band name sound more playful than serious. Nick, who International Business Times reports is working on a new album with Mike Posner (the first album for Nick since the Jonas Brothers band broke up), has not made any public comments about the band plans, so fans will have to wait and see.

Since the interview, it seems as though the idea of Jonas and Lovato teaming up has gotten fans so excited that everyone has missed how clear Lovato was that the whole idea is not a sure thing, that it’s for the distant future if it does work out, and that when they do get their schedules together, it may only be for the one song they already have written.

In the meantime, Jonas is dropping hints about the current project, and posted a short musical snippet on instagram a few days ago, with hashtags to indicate it’s from the upcoming album, which all suggests that right now, he might be more focused on his solo projects.