Immigration Reform Poll In 2014 Is Good News For Illegal Immigrants

A immigration reform poll in 2014 may be interpreted as good news by illegal immigrants since it is claimed that more and more Americans are desiring that immigration to the United States increase.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, President Obama claims that two million illegal immigrants were deported under his administration, which would make his presidency one of the harshest in recent history, but critics claims those numbers are a lie. It's also believed that ICE has released many illegal aliens with criminal histories which include rape, assault, and murder. Perhaps because of this reason, President Obama's approval ratings show that the majority of Americans disagree with the White House on immigration reform.

The reason that this new immigration reform poll by Gallup could be said to be good news is because 22 percent of Americans are now in favor of increasing immigration levels. To give you an idea how significant this is, the numbers for the other numbers have pretty much fluctuated around the same levels for over 10 years while those want immigration increased were only 10 percent back in 1999. Of course, these numbers are much lower for Republicans (14 percent) while Independents (23 percent) and Democrats (27 percent) are higher than usual.

Gallup interprets these results in this way:

"The long-term rise in support for expanding immigration could reflect growing public sympathy for the argument made by some prominent business leaders that the current cap on the number of work visas granted to highly skilled foreign nationals each year -- the so called H-1B visa program -- needs to be raised. In 2013, Gallup found about three-quarters of Americans were in favor of expanding the number of short-term work visas for highly skilled workers as part of a comprehensive immigration reform package."
At the same time, the results of the immigration reform poll could said to be negative toward illegal immigrants, as well. The question asked was: "In your view, should immigration be kept at its present level, increased, or decreased?" The percentage of people who want immigration decreased peaked at 50 percent back in 2009 but it's still pretty high now at 41 percent. Only 33 percent believes Congress should keep the levels unchanged.

Of course, this question is specific to allowing more legal immigrants into the country, not about whether or not amnesty, deportation, or some other solution for immigration reform should be implemented. In regards to those issues, Gallup found that 33 percent worry about illegal immigration a "great deal." Another 43 percent found controlling the U.S. border to be extremely important and developing a plan to deal with illegal immigrants has risen steadily in importance to the point that 44 percent consider it extremely important. If people had to choose between options, 46 percent would rather halt the flow of illegal immigrants and 51 percent would rather deal with them where they are now.

Why do you think support for immigration is increasing in the Unite States?