More bad news for the United Football League

As I was digging around for information on the post I just wrote about the UFL being a success or not, I came across another gem that seems to prove that the United Football League has not been a success, nor does it appear that it will ever be. Steve Carp of the Las Vegas Review-Journal has tweeted that the UFL will lose another team (the team has already contracted the Florida Tuskers and essentially turned them into the Virginia Destroyers). It looks like the Hartford Colonials are next up on the chopping block, but it would make more business sense if a different UFL team was the one to get cut.

Going from six teams, with one owned by former NFL QB Joe Theismann (Tuskers) to five was bad enough. Losing another team once again puts this league on the death watch. Even the UFL investors have gown tired of the losses and seem very unwilling to eat another 20 million dollars in operating expenses this year. That is not good news for the few die hard UFL fans out there, but I seriously doubt we will see this league on the field again. We know for fact that there have been at least two votes to suspend operations. I remember something about the third time being a charm.

Now if they were to run the 2011 with just four teams, cutting the Colonials would not be ideal. They have Jerry Glanville as a coach, and in 2011 were third in the upstart league in attendance. The Tuskers were last and were cut, and I fully understand what I am about to say will be sacrilege in UFL circles, but if a team has to go it should be the Las Vegas Locos.

Despite winning two UFL championships the Locos ranked fifth in total and average attendance for this league in 2010. Of course losing their only champion would kill of the league, and they are owned by UFL found Bill Hambrecht, the trophy they have won twice bears his name. Now if the two time champion Locos cannot turn a profit, how can anyone count this league as any kind of success.

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