WWE News: Health Status Of The Undertaker, Will He Be Back By WrestleMania 31?

Joe Burgett

When it comes to the WWE, there are Superstars and then there are Legends. A man by the name of The Undertaker is in that legend status. He is one of the greatest of all time. Disregarding his 21 year streak at WrestleMania where he never lost, Undertaker has been part of some of WWE's biggest moments. Truly without him, WWE would certainly be missing something.

After his match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, Undertaker was rushed to the nearest hospital where they found he just missing breaking his neck. He ended up leaving bruised and battered along with a concussion. Literally, Paul Heyman was not lying the night after RAW. Vince McMahon really did go with Taker to the Hospital as well, for the first time leaving WrestleMania before it was over. That shows how huge The Phenom is in Vince's eyes, that he would leave the biggest event of the year for him just to make sure The Undertaker was alright.

WWE would lose someone special if The Undertaker were to call it quits for good. For the last number of years, Undertaker has only returned for one match mostly. That being said, most feel that one match wouldn't be bad for him for years to come. The issue is that over time, his injuries have built up. Also, ask The Rock how easy it is to get injured in wrestling despite being in the best shape of your life. Like Taker, Rock has only returned for one or two matches the last number of years he came back. He was hurt each time, because the limited time in the ring actually hurt him more than not.

That being said, Taker clearly could get hurt much more each time.

Is he healthy enough to return if he wanted to though? According to PWInsider, it seems like a no. His wife Michelle McCool however, does seem to be eyeing a return to the ring. Whether she does or not is yet to be determined.

Undertaker was in the gym getting in shape, but told people that things didn't look good for him on WrestleMania 31.

As we know, The Streak ended for The Undertaker this year at the hands of Lesnar. This means that technically, The Undertaker character could be retired. Whether or not it is will be determined later on. It is only June, and we have months to go before WrestleMania. One thing people did want to see was if WWE could get the dream match of Undertaker vs Sting to happen at WresteMania 31. Sting seems to be close to signing a WWE deal and they'd have plenty of time to set up a story for them.

Sting is certainly healthy enough to wrestle at Mania, but for now it does not seem like The Undertaker is. This could match could still happen, but for now that dream is up in the air. It's a situation of being "oh so close". However the WWE does still hold out hope, as do all fans. For now, we simply do not know. Undertaker might feel like a comeback later in the year, but we won't know until then sadly.

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