Nightmare Nanny From Hell Has Disappeared Or Has She?

The media has been overwhelmed with the story of a nightmare nanny that refuses to work and refuses to move out of her employer’s home.

Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte fired Diane Stretton, 64, in May after she stopped working. The nanny refused to do any of the work around the house or take care of the children. In fact, she stayed locked up in her room for hours on end, only emerging when food was made available to her.

After the Bracamonte’s fired her, she refused to leave. The nanny began to make threats against the family, saying she would sue them if they tried to evict her. She even attempted to tell them that the family had to be out of their house every day for twelve hours.

The most recent story on the nanny from hell indicates that she disappeared after the situation began gaining national attention from the media. Stretton was last at the house of her former employers on Thursday morning. Her belongings were left in her room.

However, MailOnline found that the nanny had not actually disappeared. They spotted the disgraced nanny on Friday, in her car outside the police station.

It was revealed in the MailOnline report that the former-nanny had been homeless for nine years when she responded to the Craigslist add for a nanny placed by the Bracamonte’s. It was also revealed that Stretton’s ‘glowing references’ were actually a couple of her friends.

Kimberly Whitcomb, one of the nanny’s ‘references,’ said:

She was struggling and looking for another place and I said check Craigslist, they always have all kinds of odd stuff on there. She found the nanny job and I encouraged her to go for it. She got an interview with the lady and went out there and saw her. She used me as a personal reference and she had another friend from the shelter as a personal reference. I spoke to the woman Marcella, I recommended Diane as a good person, as a nanny and as someone you can trust.

Even after the nanny disappeared, they knew their ordeal was likely not over.

The Bracamonte’s remain victims in their own home after the nanny refused to sign a final notice telling her to either leave or do her job.

The former-nanny has been involved in 36 lawsuits in the past and is listed as a known abuser of the legal system.

[ Image courtesy of MailOnline ]