Border Crosser Allegedly Tried to Vagina Smuggle A Pound of Meth

A woman was caught this week at the U.S.-Mexican border allegedly trying to smuggle a pound of methamphetamine in her vagina.

The meth was reportedly in a condom wrapped in black tape.

The suspect, a U.S. citizen age 31, was stopped by suspicious U.S. border agents in Arizona when crossing from Mexico on foot. Agents noticed something unusual when they took her into a secured area for a pat-down. About the arrest, a U.S. Customs and Border Enforcement representative said, “When they were patting her down, they realized there was something down there,” the Phoenix ABC News affiliate reported.

The suspect agreed to remove her undergarments, according to the Phoenix New Times, and one agent “was able to see a piece of plastic protruding from her groin area… At that time, [the suspect] admitted to having a package of methamphetamine concealed inside of her body.”

The woman was then transported a local hospital to enable doctors to safely remove the meth package from her pelvic region. She now faces two federal drug charges.

A U.S. law enforcement crackdown on domestic meth labs (such as those fictionally depicted on Breaking Bad) has apparently caused the unintended consequence of shifting production of the drug to Mexico according to authorities, and accordingly a surge in smuggling into the U.S. Many of the smugglers are said to be children, which could be an issue amidst the present illegal alien chaos at the southern border.

Earlier this month, two women were busted at Chicago’s Midway International Airport after being allegedly caught with cocaine-filled condoms in their body cavities. In May, a commercial pilot wound up in a Houston hospital after one of the alleged 62 bags of coke in his stomach burst.

As previously noted by The Inquisitr, drug runners and so-called drug “mules” continue to innovate how they bring contraband into the country.

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