iPad Air 2 Called ‘A Real Game Changer’ By Industry Analysts

The iPad Air put the tablet market on its ear when it was released last year. According to several industry analysts, the iPad Air 2 will repeat that feat and then some.

The iPad Air 2 has been called a game changer. One way in which Apple’s newest tablet is said to be resetting the game is that it will bring the Touch ID interface that the iPhone 5S already boasts.

App Advice reports the iPad Air 2 will also be equipped with an A8 processor. This means the newest tablet will have a decent increase in computing speed. The device will also have a step up in the graphics department compared with other tablets put out by the Cupertino company.

Designtrends reports that the iPad Air 2 is also going to be coming complete with a better camera, to go along with the better processor. The display is said to be about the same as the Retina display.

While the processor, which could mean more than twice as fast processing speeds as what the normal iPad Air offers, the thing that could really be the game changer is that this tablet could be the first to offer support for the 4K ultra-high definition TV.

The other thing that could put this tablet at the top of the pack is the Metal API. This particular feature is said to be able to bring console level graphics to the tablet. With the release of the PS4 and Xbox One, Apple has worked to find new ways to compete for gamers’ love.

This new tablet could actually be one that could pull gamers aware from the usual video game formats. If Apple could also put out a controller that works perfectly with tablets like the iPad Air it could pull even more gamers away from the competitors.

Apple seems to be swinging for the fences when it comes to this generation’s devices. Rumors recently started circulating that the iPhone 6 might actually be doing away with the headphone jack.

It doesn’t appear that Apple is planning any cosmetic changes for its newest tablet design. For this new release, the changes will all be on the inside, but it seems likely all of those internal changes could indeed lead to some pretty impressive features.

When the iPad was first released it was the first of its kind. Since then, there have been plenty of pretenders to the crown, the Air could push those competitors further away.

There isn’t an official release date but the iPad Air 2 is expected to be coming this fall.