Cindy Crawford Buys Malibu Digs For $6 Million, Plans To Tear It Down

Cindy Crawford, along with her husband Rande Gerber, just threw a whole stack of cash at a beachfront property in Malibu, How much cash? How about a massive $6 million!

To make the purchase a little stranger, the celebrity couple have confirmed that they fully intend to rip the stunning property down in order to build their dream home from scratch.

The question is, why would you fork out $6 million for a beautiful four-bedroom, 3,700-square-foot home, simply to to rip it down?

Well, we’re not sure; all we know is that a “Malibu dream home” is intended to take the place of the current structure some time in the near future. reported that the home Cindy Crawford bought was one of four similar properties, “with private path deed beach rights to Little Dume.”

It seems that Crawford and Gerber have a special kind of love for Malibu as this is the third property they have bought there. The smaller of their two existing Malibu residences was rented out to tenants last year.

Rande Gerber has lived in Malibu for years with his wife. He owns the renowned Cafe Habana restaurant where the couple have been spotted on many occasions hanging out with friends.

For her part, Cindy Crawford also has a healthy number of business ventures to keep her busy with at the moment, including a new tequila which she just released with George Clooney.

The good news is that the celebrity couple won’t be at all lonely in their new dream home, once it’s built. They will share the street with Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, and Kenny G, who all own properties there.

Some people are asking why Crawford and Gerber are spending so much money on a new property as the 1958 ranch-style home will have a hard time competing with the current Malibu mansion they own, which, according to all accounts, is absolutely stunning.