WWE News: Would WWE Split The World Titles At The Money In The Bank PPV?

WWE has been going through some changes as of late. The massive change we saw hit WWE hard was the decision to mesh the two world titles and create a WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It was a nice idea in thought. It seemed like something we might do on a certain video game, for example. Except with those games, there is still a brand that people stick to where we can make stars on different shows….but I do digress.

The idea was eventually to split them. WWE.com even wrote about the move to split them in their top 10 things that should happen in 2014 article from months back. The idea then was to potentially split them down the line, but no one knew when or how. Now it seems that rumors have began to stir that that the separation could come as soon as this Sunday at Money in the Bank.

The rumored way would be simply to have one Superstar pull down one of the title belts while another person pulls down the other title belt. Due to the fact neither man would want to give up his title, clearly both men would want to keep their title and remain champion. The reason many believe this will happen is that WWE was embarrassed and very upset that they didn’t have a World Title match at all in their last PPV, for the first time in a very long time.

This left a bad taste in WWE’s mouths as they never want to have a PPV without a World Title on the line somewhere on the card. This is why two World Titles has always been helpful. Regardless of if one got hurt or not, another could be present. WWE didn’t want to take the titles away from Daniel Bryan as they felt he should keep them. Sadly he cannot compete, which left them next to no choice to strip him of the championship.

WWE has no plans to make a new Undisputed Title similar to what they did in 2002, when they meshed the WWF and former WCW World Championships. WWE just debuted a new WWE Championship last year, and the World Heavyweight Title is literally the symbol of a World Champion to people, so it wouldn’t make much sense to bring a new title out anyway.

While most of us feel the split will not happen any time soon, there are some in the insider world who claim that it may happen soon. So we certainly should keep our eyes peeled regarding a split. WWE does have a really easy opportunity to split them, so if they ever planned to do it this year, it would make sense for it to happen on Sunday.

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