Jared Leto Named One Of PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarians

Jared Leto, musician and award-winning actor, how has another title under his glamorous belt. The folks at PETA recently declared that the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman is one of the sexiest vegetarians in the world.

While this writer is sure there are plenty of other extremely attractive people on the planet who don’t eat meat, PETA seems to think that Leto is among the finest they have ever encountered. However, he didn’t receive this honor all by himself. The organization also tapped Ellen Page as his female counterpart. Eating your veggies never looked so hot.

According to Life & Style, Jared Leto credits his youthful looks and lean physique with his vegetarian diet. In other words, the guy is definitely not a vampire. He explained, “I’m pretty healthy so I think that helps a lot. I’ve been that way for a long time — 20 solid years of eating vegetarian-vegan and taking care of myself.”

E! Online points out that Leto had some ridiculously stiff competition for the recent PETA honor. Other actors who were up for the title include Joaquin Phoenix, Samuel L. Jackson, Woody Harrelson, and Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage.

Page was also facing a handful of attractive individuals, including Ariana Grande, Jessica Paré, Sarah Silverman, and Orange is the New Black actress Laura Prepon. Chances are there are plenty of folks who disagree with PETA’s selection, especially considering the number of physically appealing guys and gals who were up for the honor.

Here’s what PETA had to say about Jared Leto:

“He’s a wildly talented, Oscar-winning actor and a platinum-selling rock star. He’s also a sexy vegan! Jared Leto has been vegetarian since he was a teenager, and he switched to a vegan lifestyle just a few years later after learning about the presence of pus in dairy products. The benefits of his vegan eating sure do show! Jared is 42 years old and arguably hasn’t aged in 20 years!”

Check out their thoughts on Ellen Page:

“Bursting onto the scene in 2007′s hit movie Juno, then-20-year-old Ellen Page was as fresh-faced as one could be. Seven years later, she has remained just as radiant. It has been a stellar year for Ellen. She is not only a busy actor but also a feminist, an environmentalist, an activist, a pioneer, and a compassionate vegan. It doesn’t get sexier than that!”

Do you agree that Jared Leto and Ellen Page are the sexiest vegetarians on the planet? Who do you think should have taken home the honor?

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