Riot Games announces League of Legends: Dominion

Riot Games has been promising something special for League of Legends fans in 2011, and now they've made good on all that teasing with the announcement of League of Legends: Dominion.

Dominion adds a new map, Crystal Scar, but it's not quite what League of Legends fans were expecting. Rather than simply releasing a new map, Riot Games is adding an entirely new game mode.

The new mode has players battling it out for control of five control points. The more control points your team captures and the longer you hold them, the enemy team's nexus will take more and more damage.

Riot Games isn't saying just when League of Legends: Dominion is expected to go live, but attendees of Gamescom and PAX Prime later this month will get a chance to play the new mode for the first time.

You can check out a brief glimpse of League of Legends: Dominion in the announcement trailer below.