Braylon Edwards in trouble…again

I thought it was going to be a good day for Braylon Edwards. I really did. New York Jets coach, Rex Ryan, came out and said he would like to have Edwards back at the right price, suggesting that Edwards could return to team green. Then I watched the news and saw a report on a Local Detroit news station that said Edwards was not involved in a scuffle at a local Michigan bar. Then comes the news that the bar owners are saying that he is involved, and that the matter in now an ongoing police incident. Not good.

Since I am a native Detroiter, and Braylon is from here and went to the University of Michigan, many of my friends have been trying to convince me that the Detroit Lions should sign this guy if the Jets cannot work out a deal. Beyond the fact that I do not see where Braylon would fit on the Lions depth chart I really think having him here in his element would be more of a distraction than a positive. Sure he might play hard because he is from here, but his tendency to get in trouble many be exacerbated being in his element with his crew.

I have no idea how big a deal this is, but it is one more strike against this guy in my book. This is a guy who gets himself into far too much trouble, and has somewhat questionable skills on the field. That is a dangerous mix, when we also factor in the amount of money he has made playing the sport of football. We can take a guy out of his element, pay him millions of dollars, but in the end he is that same guy.