Amelia Earhart To Attempt Flight Around The World (No, Not THAT Amelia Earhart)

Amelia Earhart of today is going to attempt the flight around the world that did not end so well for her namesake decades ago.

Amelia Earhart 2.0, as The Inquisitr has previously referred to her, is actually Amelia Rose Earhart of Denver, Colorado. The former traffic reporter at KUSA-TV 9 left Thursday (June 26) from the same Oakland, California, airport hanger the original Amelia Earhart used back in 1937 on her fateful journey that left so many unanswered questions, according to a report in The Kansas City Star.

The Star said if the 31-year-old finishes the flight, she will make history.

“If she succeeds, the former Kansas high school state debate champion and Tonganoxie High School graduate will become the youngest woman to fly around the world — 28,000 miles in 18 days — in a single-engine aircraft.”

Earhart’s journey has been drawing attention for years as she has prepared to accomplish what the first Amelia Earhart could not.

But the journey has not been without its ups and downs, USA Today reported last year.

The former TV traffic reporter, who had been led to believe for much of her life that she was actually a relative of the famed aviator, was in fact not any relation to the woman with which she shares one of the last century’s most intriguing names.

She told the paper at the time that it was a disappointment.

“When I decided to re-create Amelia’s flight around the world, it became clear that it was time to establish the exact connection between the two of us. So I hired a team of expert genealogists to finally establish the link. So my connection to Amelia isn’t what I thought it was. And I’ll admit, the last 24 hours, they’ve been really hard. It’s tough to hear that something you’ve believed your whole life just isn’t true.”

But even with the news that the two Kansas natives were not related as once thought, it never changed Earhart 2.0’s determination to finish the job that Earhart 1.0 started last century.

The Miami Herald reports that Earhart is scheduled to land in the city sometime Friday afternoon after taking off from Denver this morning. Flying a single-engine plane from Oakland to Denver to Miami is not the worst way to end a week, right?

Do you think she’ll make the entire trip? What do you think about her attempt at history? Tell us in the comments section below.

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